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                      Welcome To Alero African Market

Alero Africa Market is an African Market for various African products such as food , clothing, cosmetic and hair products and unique pieces handmade African home decorations and paintings. Alero Market’s mission is to make African, Surinamese, Afro-Caribbean unique traditional African Food Store, products, Cosmetics, Hair products and Clothing readily available to consumers in The Netherlands and other nearby countries through our  convenient online shopping platform and our physical shop address in Amersfoort the Netherlands. Our company provides door-to-door delivery services to our customers in the Netherlands and other countries. Alero Market is a branch of Alero Africa, with its headquarter located in Amersfoort, the Netherlands

We operate on these principles: Authenticity,  Quality, Integrity & Reliability

Our products are a result of hard work from our various suppliers, local partners, farmers and hard working individuals here in Africa and the Netherlands. Our products are produced with great attention to details, freshness, thoroughness on each stage of production with up-to-date techniques with great value for money.

We are the finest African Grocery Market in town with great concern for our clients. We firmly believe that the unique African products that you are in need of and  can hardly find elsewhere, we are able to deliver at best rates directly  to your doorstep.

Our products and services are delivered with great concern of our clients at heart. Which makeS it possible for us to compete fairly with other brands.

Unique African products shouldn’t be hard to get, that is why we are conveniently located in Amersfoort city centre.

If the drive is just too far, or your are just feeling a little home sick , we are right here to take the stress away, and deliver same day, next day straight to your door step

In our market you will find a vast selection of different unique products from various part of Africa.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments,

please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Omoritsetan Maureen Jakpa (Founder)

NETHERLANDS: Free Shipping and next delivery on all orders above €75 up to 10kg. Dismiss